Review: MAC Lipstick in Plink!

I thought my first MAC lipstick review should be on my first lipstick.  In this case, it is Plink!.  I love this color when I want to keep my lips pretty natural looking.  I’m actually surprised I like this one so much considering I am not a huge fan of the lustre finish, but it was so pretty!  I was drawn to it and fell in love when I tried it on.  The MAC website describes it as a “seashell pink” and it is a sheer, very slightly peachy pink color.

Plink! worn with very natural makeup
Close up of Lips

Swatch on the back of the hand

 More sheer lipsticks are difficult to swatch because they don’t show up very well, but, as you can see, it is just a bit of pink and very shiny.

Also, am I the only one who feels like the pictures of lipsticks on the MAC site are slightly off?  I swear this one looks much darker on there…

For more of a general overview of MAC lipsticks and a reference of my lips without lipstick look HERE.